Omega 4

I have just began studying Omega 4. Here is a collection of my readings on front-end development and Omega 4.

  1. Getting Started with Omega 4. John Hannah,
  2. Optimal Dev Set-up for Omega 4.
  3. SMACSS.


  1. Sometimes I wish I was never born so people wouldn’t have to put up with me.
  2. I wish I knew what I was doing 50% of the time.
  3. I wish I liked computers. Circuits are the highest level of organization that I can truly love.
  4. I wish I can learn to love people. I don’t care that much any more. I’ve learned to dump people recently.

Addendum, 10 February 2014

  1. I wish I had a laptop. This will allow me to work outside the office – while waiting for some meetings to start, in between rests and housework, and in so many places and in so many situations.
  2. I wish we had a visual communicator. Designing is taking up a lot of my brain cells. I have a lot of studying to do for every project and that is mostly because I lack experience and training. I want to learn, but a lot of other things are sacrificed to complete these things – time, health, tasks.
  3. I wish I could go home to Negros for a week. :)