Goodbye Shinobi of the Hidden Extension Room

Way back in the second semester of 2009, we had a ton of major courses – Biology, Experimental Physics, Instrumentation, Control Systems and Optics. It was also the time that I attempted again to blog again as a way out of the formal reports and papers. The blog was hosted by Google Sites and were mostly written during our stay at the old Plasma Extension Room in the old NIP building.

Those were happy days and nights, that semester. We stayed every time we were liberated from classes inside that room. We practically lived in that room til the guard told us that it was already curfew.

Most of our time we spent writing reports on experiments. I remember when we had to do a report on weather analysis, Matt and I spent days and days making sense of humidity, barometric pressure and various mathematical models. A single paper took almost a week for analysis and one all-nighter at the McDonalds for actual writing and collation of data and the interpretations we have conjured in each of our dog-tired, cola-fueled brains.

The all-nighters were fun fun fun, as McDo was cozy and accomodating – the food though was well, monotonous. The analysis of the data was the best part as days and days of dreaming about mathematical models and never-before encountered concepts achieve resolution after a mind-marathon. By then, we’d be too exhausted to actually joyfully discuss everything with one another. We’d take turns writing the final pieces of the paper until the sun shone and we’d actually have to go home and take a bath before the 10 am submission.

And now that I am attempting to organize all of my digital memories and resources, I am deleting that old google site. It only contains very few entries and is actually much of a waste of memory as it is useless. Here are snippets of memories I would like to preserve.


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