Panic with Kikomunk

Warning extreme noobity

KIks and I were more than a week late in our Ubuntu Studio deployment.

After the protracted backing up of precious precious files, we finally reupholstered everything. The problem was that the network manager was not in its usual place in the notification area, though a wired connection was no problem. Apparently it didn’t come with my Studio installation.

So what I did
1 Installed Network Manager
2 Placed it on my notification area
3 Configured it to manage network devices

For the step-by-step ptocedure:

sudo apt-get install network-manager-gnome

applet does not appear around the notification area

applet will appear at the notification area

mouse-over the applet
network manager is not running

status network-manager

network-manager stop/waiting

start nm
sudo start network-manager

mouse-over the applet
status of wired connection
device not managed

to manage device
sudo gedit /etc/NetworkManager/nm-system-settings.conf

edit contents to:



Some random notes…

I was checking on what card I had…
lspci | grep Wireless

I had an atheros card. Checking on atheros packages available…
sudo apt-cache search atheros

Another Network Manager I’d love to try would be wicd.

Thanks Kiks and Ubuntu Forums!
1 Ubuntu Forums. Network Manager – device not managed.
2 Network Manager Documentation.


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