The Biggest Class Ever

I was late for my biggest class this semester…

Walking briskly along the University Avenue, it was sad that I missed the march. Nevertheless, it was heartwarming to hear the messages of solidarity from various student organizations, teachers, leaders, campus vendors and athletes as I walked towards the Palma Hall steps. Everyone was having their class on the streets of Diliman.

Student, teachers, the community, united as State Colleges and Universities all over the country face huge budget cuts.

In our local scene, the impact of budget cuts will cripple the maintenance and operation of our college. The National Science Complex will soon reach completion. Operation expenses already are and will definitely increase. A fellow physics classmate commented that as we get our budgets are slashed, so is the certainty that we will be able to continue our experiments with our expensive machineries and equipments.

On a side note, what got people dancing was UP Rep’s epic performance that November 25 afternoon… Here is a shaky yet audible recording of the performance. Too bad I ran out of space to finish the recording.


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