Resizing vids with ffmpeg

ffmpeg is bundled in the Studio flavor. I’m trying to reduce the file size of this 222 MB video. I successfully changed it to 5 MB by reducing the frame rate from 30 fps to 20 fps. My problem however is that the video is now pixelated. Gaaaarrrr.

Here’s what i did:

ffmpeg -i part3.avi -r 20 part320.mp4

I didn’t intentionally change the resolution. What happened?



  1. Now, I’m learning!

    “The parameter ‘q’ which is displayed while encoding is the current quantizer. The value 1 indicates that a very good quality could be achieved. The value 31 indicates the worst quality. If q=31 appears too often, it means that the encoder cannot compress enough to meet your bitrate. You must either increase the bitrate, decrease the frame rate or decrease the frame size.”


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