Science Research at Sixteen

My high school astronomy organization adviser posts interesting outtakes from his classes and random encounters with his students, whom he constantly refers to as, “Children of God”.

Hundreds of alumni like me visit his Facebook page for a daily dose of nostalgia and humor.

Here is one interesting science research episode:

during research class..
siraris: so how will you position your thermometer?
pisayo: at breast height sir?
siraris: whose breast?
pisayo: mine!?
…siraris: since when is your breast the standard of breast height?
pisayo: **puzzled**
siraris: so, what’s the basis now?
pisayo: the director’s!?
siraris: **tumbling**

and more recently, in reference to this episode:

research defense…
panel1: daw ano gid kadalom isubmerge ang DO bottle? (how deep was the DO bottle submerged?)
pisaya: asta sa siko.. (until the elbow is submerged)
panel1: kay sin-o nga siko? (whose elbow?)
panel2: oh no! dont tell me sa director naman..
…siraris: **dies laughing**


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