Uncollege journal

Almost a year of being a volunteer for an organization advocating ICT for the people, I have a learned a lot of stuff like managing a web server, organizing events, data visualization and coordinating projects. It has been a fun and difficult year, getting to know a lot of new faces, meeting all sorts of amazing folk, at the same time, having no background whatsoever on Information Technology.

Before getting into development work with ICT practitioners, my past four years revolved around my physics training in UP’s BS Applied Physics program, plasma physics and involvement in various campaigns on education inside and outside the campus. High school was even far from my current work as most of my activities were in performing arts like dance and music and also sports like volleyball and gymnastics. I didn’t enjoy studying our two-year high school Cisco networking then and never thought of getting into Computer Science or IT for college.

How I got here is truly a surprise for me. Knowing that the work we do is in the service of our communities and the Philippine society in general, learning how the internet works and making servers run has become exciting for me. I have our amazing team to thank for, teaching me new things everyday and helping me out in every task I carry on.

This blog now therefore takes on a role in my everyday adventures advocating ICT for the people. It first served as a report blog for my image processing classes. It then became a notebook for all the helpful hacks for the past few months and a bookmark of all interesting finds on the web. I just realized that to help me cope with all the new stuff that I have to learn, I am converting this blog to a journal of all things that I learn for the coming years.

I do not have a strict structure on my learning activities. It’s all just a list of things to learn and do. I hope this blog will help me evaluate myself in the long hours I’ll be putting in learning how to code, making project proposals and graduating from my physics program.

*Inspired by uncollege.org


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