Prank Sinatra is just what I need right here, right now.

Things are not going well for me from this side of the planet. And for moments like this, music has always been a temporary relief.

I have never encountered anything like Prank Sinatra before though.

While Flight of the Conchords has always been my only idea of folk-parody and musical comedy, hearing Prank Sinatra’s Alright! introduced me to a wonderful collection of pranks with wit and musical genius.

Here is Droning On which screams 70s psychedelic music with an excessively long droning and exaggerated acting of the lines “if only i could reach you” . It’s like Bowie’s in Space. Haha! You made my day Prank Sinatra!



  1. i was just googling around when i saw this, thank you very much, do drop by at 70’s bistro on the 6th of July and i’ll give you a cd ^_^

  2. @iman: Wow! I get ’em for free! 🙂 Maraming salamat! Won’t be around by then to watch you guys and get the CDs though. 😦
    @roksi: Happy diba? Pang-gladys-roksi-donna and the gang.

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