The Sunday: Brigada Kalikasan Sunday

After the perpetual raining last week and Metro Manila flooding, environmental advocates and green groups banded together for Brigada Kalikasan, a relief drive for communities affected by the disaster. Recently, goods have been sent over to Cavite and a soup kitchen was set-up last week at the Brgy. Bagong Silangan in Quezon City.

The relief effort continues to collect donations in cash and in kind from you generous folks. Just send them over to the Brigada Kalikasan HQ.

Yesterday we had nice cupcakes from friendly Matulungin neighbors.

Aquaquest Masikap sent over dozens of bottled water!

It was a nice sunny Sunday with the volunteers of Brigada Kalikasan. Universidad de Manila students even came over to sort and pack all the clothes.

Yesterday’s tune would be this Olympic theme from Moshi Moshi Music, Olympiske Leker. It’s just nice to danse to.

I have been listening to The Sundays all day too.

I can hear the sound of rain from where I’m working. Is that the next thing coming in?


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